”We help our customers to a simpler, more cost effective and ecofriendly materials handling”


ToFo Trading AB is a company focused on selling materials handling products made of plastic. We also sell insulated products. Our well known manufacturers provide us with a wide range of products making it possible for us to meet our customers individual needs. Our products is essentially bought from suppliers with manufacturing in Europe, mostly Germany, Belgium, France and England. A few products are brought in from Asia. We have our office and warehouse in the town of Nybro in the southeast part of Sweden. Our customers are situated in Scandinavia and Balticum


With many years of experience in sales and with a trimmed organization we offer high quality materials handling products for the Scandinavian and Baltic market.


ToFo Trading AB was started by Göran Birgersson in 1992. Since then the company has expanded every year. In 2009 Jonas Thiman became partner. In the fall of 2014, Göran Birgersson retired leaving Jonas Thiman as owner and CEO of the company. Today the crew consists of Jonas Thiman, Ulf Åsberg (sales) and Terese Lindström (administration).